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Optimal Tek - About Us


Optimal Tek is owned and operated by Pete & Mandy Meyer.


Pete Meyer, President of Optimal Tek, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering both from North Carolina State University, graduating summa cum laude. He has also completed executive management classes at the Wharton School of Business and technical courses by Microsoft, Cisco, Ubiquiti and Sonicwall. 


Below is a list of certifications currently held by the Optimal Tek Team:

  • BICSI INST-F: Installer 2 - Optical Fiber

  • NC Electrical License: Fire Alarm/Low Voltage NC/FA-LV 34385

  • NC Alarm License: 182041-CSA

  • Fluke Networks Versiv Copper Cabling Certified w/DSX Cable Analyzer

  • TE Connectivity Certified Installer

  • Hubbell Premise Wiring Certified Installer

  • ICC Elite Installer

  • Ubiquiti Wireless Administration

  • Lutron Homeworks, RadioRA2 & 3 Lighting

  • Lutron Sivoia QS/Triathlon Automated Shading

  • Control4 Centralized Lighting

  • Control4 Automation Programmer

  • Honeywell FireLite Certified

Our Philosophy


At Optimal Tek, we love small business.  It’s part of our DNA.  We are third generation entrepreneur’s and love working with other small businesses.  We are also patriots…we love our country.  A large number of our family members and our staff themselves, have either served or are currently serving in our military.  In other words, we don’t take the words ‘Made in America’ lightly.  It’s much deeper than that.

When we decide on a product that we want to offer to our customers, we literally spend hundreds of hours researching the product, where it’s made and where it can be purchased from.  If given the choice, we will go out of our way to do business with an American manufacturer if their product meets our principal engineer’s quality obsessed approval.


Once we decide on a product, we look for distribution.  Our philosophy is to buy local and support other small businesses in our area.  If we can’t buy it in our area, we look throughout our beautiful state of North Carolina or neighboring states before looking at the giant distributors that do business worldwide.


Sometimes, we don’t always get what we want…we’ve been told that since we could walk so we should be used to it by now. Sometimes we just can’t buy a product from an American manufacturer either because there aren’t any or their products are not up to our quality standards.  Even with imported products, we still look to purchase these products as locally as we can from other small businesses.

We hope other businesses in our area feel the same way and support our business just the same.  When you buy products and services from us, you are supporting another small business and helping us help others.

On Quality

We simply can’t compromise on quality.  We will not sell inferior imported products just because they’re cheap, readily available and have better profit margins. We will accept lower profits on quality products if we know we're giving you, the customer, the best we can offer within your budget.

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