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structured wiring and cabling installation

Optimal Tek provides structured wiring, wired & wireless home audio, TV sales & installation to homeowners and residential contractors. Our company is owned and operated by an electrical engineer, so you can rest assured that all work will be installed and tested to met all industry standards.  We absolutely will not install sub-standard equipment or install anything that contradicts current industry standards.  We believe standards are there for a reason.

Whether you need work done to an existing home or are planning a dream home, we are here to help you and guide you through each step.  With any new project, we have the expertise that can save you from a costly add-on later.

Optimal Tek residential structured wiring low voltage contractor Asheville, Hendersonville, Brevard NC | Update SC

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If it isn't mobile, hardwire it!

Many homeowners building a new home or renovating an existing home believe that structured wiring isn't necessary in this modern day of everything wireless. TV's now come with built-in wi-Fi to stream content, so why bother with adding dedicated network cabling in your home?

There are numerous problems with wi-Fi connected devices such as TV's, Blu-Ray players, etc. Very few homeowners are satisfied when they try to stream content to their fixed devices from their ISP supplied wi-fi enabled router.  It simply will not work reliably!

A properly designed structured wiring system in your home isn't susceptible to wireless interference from neighbors, other appliances or the extra load that other mobile devices place on the wi-Fi system.

Wi-Fi is a necessity in today's homes, but it's purpose should be to connected mobile devices.  Be sure to check out our residential systems, designed to provide coverage throughout your home.

Optimal Tek TV Concealed wiring system

Optimal Tek TV installation

Planning, planning and more planning

It's your new home with your new shouldn't have to see any wires! We coordinate every installation with the electricians to make sure you have a completely concealed system that is future proof!

No signal cables in the wall

Many of our competitors install signal cables in the walls so your TV can connect to your DVR or other device and claim to have it hidden. That's okay for today, but what if you add another device or the technology changes in another few years?


We solve that by installing 2" PVC conduit sleeves between the TV and other devices below, so regardless of the current technology or number of devices, you always have access between the two.

Optimal Tek Plans Ahead

You never know what the future holds

We believe in planning ahead for the unknown and future expansion because we've been to countless numbers of homes where making a change or adding a new device to the home becomes an expensive and time consuming task.​

Conduit sleeves save you money long term

Once the insulation is in and the drywall is up, it's hard to go back and add something. For new construction, we highly recommend allowing us to install future proofing conduit to be able to easily add cable later or make repairs.

In the picture to the right, you can see a 2" flexible conduit sleeve that allows future access from the structured wiring panel to the attic space. Spray-in foam insulation was used so without this sleeve, it would be impossible to add anything to this area of the home.

Optimal Tek Structured wiring & low voltage contractor. Add conduit sleeves for future expansion.
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