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residential networking and Wi-Fi

Ubiquiti network.png

commercial grade networking for your home

Take a look at any of our residential installations and you'll notice one common theme...we don't install anything but the best! Our equipment selection is based on years of experience in the industry so we know what works and what doesn't. While our competition focuses on inferior equipment because it's "cheap", we focus on reliability and remote serviceability.

Robust Wi-Fi

Optimal Tek installs extremely robust and powerful Wi-Fi access points that are perfect for today's larger homes with multiple floors.

Why not use the free one from my ISP?

We get this question quite a bit...why install additional access points throughout the home when my ISP gives me a modem with Wi-Fi built in? The answer - you will likely be disappointed with the coverage in your home and the capacity to service multiple devices simultaneously.

The key to happy Wi-Fi is multiple Access Points

The materials used in today's homes significantly weaken Wi-Fi signals. To enjoy strong wi-fi throughout the home, the only way to achieve that is to place multiple access points throughout the home or business. These access points work in unison so you don't have to worry about logging into different networks in different areas of the home.

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