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audio video systems

home theater

Wanting to create the ultimate dedicated home theater?  You've come to the right place!  Our engineers will plan out every aspect of your dedicated home theater from screen selection to speakers and amplifiers.  Home theaters often times work in tandem with our automated lighting and shading all tied into one integrated control system.


custom soundbars

Optimal Tek is proud to install Triad Speakers in our premium & custom installations.  From custom length sound bars painted any custom color from the factory to standard length and colors, we can professionally install your system. 


Be sure to check out our gallery for installations of custom sound bars and completely hidden subwoofers.  

beautiful sound - minus the wires


distributed audio in the home

A growing trend in homes today is to have beautiful, hi-definition music streaming throughout their home from speakers discretely hidden in ceilings and walls for a clean, modern look.  Music selection is controlled from dedicated touch panels in the wall, on the coffee table or from any mobile device.

Optimal Tek Sonos dealer NC | SC
Optimal Tek Sonos Install dealer NC

Optimal Tek - your Sonos Dealer

add music to any room

sonos is wireless, so adding a speaker is as simple as adding a lamp

create a 5.1 home theater

you can enjoy true home theater sound from a sonos system, without complicated receivers and amplifiers. Using a Sonos Arc or Sonos Beam Gen 2 paired with a Sonos Sub and a pair of Play:1, or 5's and you have a system that simply works all the time, without ever having to a set an input or push a special button!

incredible U.S. support

a major factor in determining partners is how well they support their customers. we commend Sonos for their fantastic U.S. based support!

streaming services

the list of streaming music services is continuously growing...from Pandora to Spotify, free to premium to high definition, you can be sure your favorite service will play through your Sonos system.

contact us

we'd love to help you select the right product for your home. Be sure to ask about or installation services!

Sonos systems

Not every homeowner needs or wanted a dedicated home theater or touch panels throughout their home.  A simple app on their phone is all that's needed to control music throughout their home.

The Sonos Arc & Sub combination are the perfect companion for the family room TV!


Sonos Amp & Port

Many homeowners aren't aware they can have discrete speakers in the ceilings and walls and yet still have everything under Sonos control.  We do that by carefully designing a system built around the Sonos Amp.

Still have that vinyl you want to pump through the house?  We can do that too using a combination of Sonos Amp and Sonos Port products.  Get the best of both worlds...modern streaming music and smooth vinyl!

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