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commercial audio | video

restaurant audio | video

Audio throughout the restaurant is crucial in today's society.  Yet, most restaurant's systems are implemented using home theater components with home speakers.  Changing stations and getting the system running everyday is complicated and unreliable.  It doesn't have to be that way!

Our systems are designed and built from the ground up to be easy to use on the staff with no complicated processes.  Easily stream music which is licensed for commercial use to every corner of the building.  Is the Big Game on?  Easily change over to listen to the game broadcast.

Let Optimal Tek simplify your restaurant manager's life today!

Optimal Tek Restaurant Audio Video Systems
Optimal Tek Gym Audio System

gym audio | video

Gym members today expect loud, exciting music to inspire them through their workouts.  Whether you have a small private gym or a large facility, Optimal Tek can design, implement and support your audio visual systems.

Optimal Tek Dental Office Audio

medical & dental audio | video

Medical facilities today have many layers of audio/visual.

Common areas need TVs and general listening music.  The lab wants their own music control and volume levels.  The doctor wants smooth jazz.  The list goes on!

At Optimal Tek, we understand the requirements and how best to implement a commercial audio system with nearly endless options.

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