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Optimal Tek provides infrastructure cabling as a subcontractor to Commercial Licensed General Contractors as well as businesses owners.  Our company is owned and operated by an engineer, so you can rest assured that all work will be installed and tested to the TIA specifications.  We absolutely will not install sub-standard equipment or install anything that contradicts current BICSI or TIA installation standards.  We believe standards are there for a reason.

Whether you need work done to an existing building or are planning a new facility, we are here to help you and guide you through each step.  With any new project, we have the expertise that can save you from a costly add-on later.


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Optimal Tek selects only the top vendors for use in our installations.  We take great pride in choosing only local, American manufactures whenever possible.  Our vendors are nationally known for their quality, reputation and industry guarantees.  Our technicians and engineers are certified by our manufacturers to install the components and are BICSI certified so you know you’re getting an installation that conforms to industry standards so it will perform at an optimal level.
















After every installation, whether it be one network jack or a 1,000…we test each and every jack using sophisticated electronic testing equipment that certifies the installed cable will perform at 100% of it’s intended capacity…this extra step ensures that not only will that network jack work…it will work at full speed!  There are many installers in the industry…some don’t do any testing, some do only minimal “pin-out” testing, and some do limited signal testing.  A link light on a network card/switch doesn’t mean the cable will perform to it’s potential, so don’t get stuck with sub-standard installation…let Optimal Tek do the job right..the first time!



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If your network is running slow or having intermittent problems, chances are you probably have a network related issue and we can quickly get to the root cause of the problem and get your business back on track!  Our BICSI certified technicians and engineers can quickly and efficiently test your network to verify it is performing correctly or pinpoint exactly where the problem lies.


Many network problems are the result of wiring that wasn't installed according to the industry standard.  Some examples of a poorly designed/installed network that isn’t installed to BICSI or TIA standards are:


  • Network cables stapled to studs/rafters

  • Single network drops to workstations

  • Lack of conduit to drops for new installation

  • Cables not supported in the ceiling or lying on ceiling grids

  • Cables run too close to florescent light fixtures or generators

  • Fire blocking not installed

  • No labeling or hand-written labels on faceplates and/or cables

  • No certification report detailing every jack’s performance


Optimal Tek takes great pride in making sure our technicians are BICSI certified and trained by our principal engineer.  We believe industry best practices are there and in place for a reason…not to be overlooked and ignored!


Don’t let your business suffer from network and cabling related issues…focus on what you do best, and let us handle the rest!


Optimal Tek Certified Structured Wiring Asheville, NC
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Small business network problems
Small business network problems


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SMB network problems fixed
SMB network problems fixed


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Small business network problems
Small business network problems


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Certified network cabling testing Fluke DTX-1800 | BICSI Certified Low Voltage Installation

Certified Installations by Optimal Tek

Certification - We're serious about it!

Every cable installed by Optimal Tek is tested using sophisticated, calibrated electronic equipment to guarantee the cable and the terminations will perform to the industry standard.

Why should you care?

In order to meet the demands of today's infrastructure, it's crucial that the physical layer of the network be installed in such a way that guarantees the wires will do what they're designed to do.  Without testing the installation, you don't know if it will perform correctly. If you've paid for the install...shouldn't you get one that works?

What is a Certified Installation?

A Certified Installation is one in which each cable has been tested using high-end electronic testing equipment and a formal report generated and submitted as part of the final installation.  This equipment is very expensive, which is why most installation companies can't provide this report.  A simple network tester from the home center just won't get the job done! 


Each cable should be machine labeled on both ends and the faceplate machine labeled.

If you don't get a report like this, your installation isn't certified and may not perform as it's intended (that means a slow network)!