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cloud based access control - reimagined

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multi-site, serverless, cloud based access control system

Our Brivo access control systems:

  • Cloud based with local control hardware.  If internet fails, doors still work!

  • With MobilePass, your phone can be your credential...or use your current keycards!

  • Multi-site systems - configure user once and works in multiple buildings anywhere in the world.

  • Detailed Policy Settings based on times, groups or individuals

  • High encryption readers & cards

  • Desktop configuration via web browser or via mobile app

  • Simple, elegant, modern user interface

  • Industry standard wiring method

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Brivo Mobile Pass
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modern, smart and secure multifamily communities

Modernize your property with secure mobile access and smart amenities to attract and retain residents.

To learn more, read the online guide

vacation rental security and automation

Modernize your property with secure mobile access and smart amenities to attract and retain residents.

To learn more, read the online guide


we've been there, done that!  Just being honest....

We spent many years fighting an old, archaic door access control system that was a decade behind in technology the day it was installed.  When we decided it was time to offer our customers a better system and surveyed the market for hardware & software partners, we were extremely disappointed in the market offerings.  We decided not to offer access control because we couldn't, in good conscience, recommend anything we had used ourselves in our own facility and nothing on the market at the time met our requirements.  We didn't think we were asking too much of a system. After fighting an old, windows-based PC that had to be at least 2 major versions behind the latest operating system, we decided whatever system we implemented had to be cloud based, with local,  dedicated hardware.  It had to have mobile app admin so doors could be locked/unlocked from anywhere.

Fast-forward to today and we can honestly say we have a modern-day solution to an industry seemingly stuck in decades old technology.


Our door access control system is ideal for small to medium businesses and can grow one door at a time with you.  From one door at one site to hundreds of doors across the globe, the system always gives you a single pane of glass management that allows your granular control over users, site management and an extreme level of security.

We're proud to offer this access control system.  Your administrators will enjoy using this system and your security team can rest easy knowing at a glance from any mobile device that everything is secure!

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update legacy door access systems

If you're like us, you may have a door access system that causes you an ulcer every time you have to add a new employee or de-activate a lost/stolen badge! 


If that's your situation, let Optimal Tek help you up-fit your door access system, one door at a time.  Our system works with your existing door magnetic locks and electric strike hardware so you get to keep the hardware on the doors but take quantum leaps in managing your system.

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